Passing the Law Certificate Level module

Mar 8
So, you're about to dive into the world of Law for your ACA qualification, and you're wondering how to make it through without dozing off between the heavy pages of legal lingo.

Fear not! Here are the top five nuggets of wisdom to keep you sharp and ensure your success!
Engage, don't just stare
Simply reading through your law notes won't cut it. It's like trying to absorb water with a sieve—inefficient and frustrating. Engage actively with the content. 

Practice makes perfect
With over a thousand quick-fire questions available in our Law on-demand course, practice your way to perfection. Active learning trumps the traditional memorise-and-hope strategy every time.

Focus on the examinable
In the real world, law is a complex area with lots of debates and grey areas. But for the purposes of an exam with 4 or 5 options to pick from, ICAEW has to be fair by creating questions with unarguably correct answers. This means that any content on things like dates, numbers, and timeframes is super examinable.

Case law is your friend
Expect case law questions in your exam. Our course provides exclusive content focusing on this, preparing you for what's actually going to show up on D-day.

Pass Guarantee
Yes, you read that right! Our course comes with a full Pass Guarantee. Stick with us for 3 weeks before the exam, put in the time by completing all our content, and if the worst happens, you get your course fee back. No tricks, just treats.

Remember, the Law module might seem dry, but with the right approach, you'll find yourself navigating through it with ease and maybe, just maybe, a little bit of fun.

So why wait? Get started with our Law on-demand course today for those sweet, sweet PDF downloads of the most examinable content and sail through your Law Certificate Level module with confidence.