Syllabus Updates 2024

Keep yourself fully updated on all the syllabus changes made this year.

PDF and quick-fire question content on the 2024 syllabus changes for all ACA modules.

(Advanced Level content coming soon!)

What's included?

  • Quick-fire questions
  • Bullet point summary PDFs

Focus on new content

Frustratingly, the ICAEW Workbooks do not specifically indicate what the new content is this year.

We have therefore compared the 2024 and 2023 Workbooks to identify this content for you.


We have created our own bullet point PDF summaries of all the updated content so that you can quick focus on what matters. 

Then use our quick-fire questions relating to our summary PDFs to check you have learned the key points. 

Check out our Wall of Proof to confirm the benefits of our teaching!

Syllabus Updates 2024 Content