PDF edition

Alphabetically-organised, quick reference notes covering all financial reporting, business strategy, financial management and assurance areas at the Advanced Level.

Includes notes on BST and FM Professional Level content (including detailed notes on the frequently tested area of Derivatives).

Strategic Business Management Exam Room Notes 2023

Overwhelmed by the amount of content to learn at the Advanced Level? Unsure what to prioritise? We can help!

Our popular Exam Room Notes can be used as both a revision and exam-day resource.

We have carefully worked through all the financial reporting, business strategy, financial management and assurance areas at both the Advanced Level and Professional Level, turning the content into condensed reminder notes.

Includes example worked calculations, analysis of examiner comments and tutor tips based on our knowledge of classic student errors.

All content is organised alphabetically for easy reference under time pressure.

For further free tips and tricks for Strategic Business Management, check out The Profit Room, our free ACA student community.

After purchase, you will have one week to download the PDF to your device. The PDF can be used by you without restriction after this period. 

What's included?

  • Downloadable PDF
  • Alphabetically-organised
  • Financial management notes
  • Business strategy notes
  • Ethics notes
  • Statistics notes
  • Fully updated for 2023
  • Example worked calculations

Fully updated for 2023

We have reviewed the 2023 syllabus changes, 2022 past papers and 2022 ICAEW Mocks to ensure that the text is fully up-to-date for 2023

Statistics notes

We have carefully worked through the statistics questions in the 2021 and 2022 past papers and have extracted the key learning points for the 2023 edition of the book. 

We also include notes on common spreadsheet functionalities and the related statistical tools and definitions, given that the examiners have indicated that statistical analysis using the spreadsheet functionality will be required in most SBM exams. 

Students love us

I bought your Exam Room Notes books for CR, BPT and SBM and found them really, really excellent. I taught myself for these modules using just the ICAEW materials and your books and was able to pass first time thanks to how the information was laid out by you.
Kateryna K
I want to express my huge gratitude to you for all your support. I only used your resources to prepare for the exams (Exam Room Notes, Q&As, on-demand videos, TIS and the Case Study tuition course) and every single one of them was extremely useful. Even though I had very little time to prepare, your resources are perfectly structured and complement each other ideally (especially the materials - they were absolutely brilliant!). Please keep the standard as high as you have now - you have no competitors at the same level.
Lilit N
I have bought all of your books for the Advanced Level sitting - they are VERY good! I've found them so helpful. Your books have been such a good study help, especially for Case and SBM and I've had a lot more exam technique help from you.
Sophie H

Students love us

Thank you very much!! So helpful!! Your resources were invaluable for all three of my final exams!
Rene P
I'm hoping your Case Study materials do the trick - they usually do! BPT, FM, SBM & CR! I go to tuition with [XXXXXX] but find the materials you provide to be far superior!
Simon M
I am pleased to say I passed with 80 marks! I can’t be more grateful your team for all the help in the study materials and I couldn’t imagine a better way to prepare! I have been a loyal user of your materials (esp the Exam Room Notes) for the Advanced Level examinations and they’re SUPER useful (scored 81 for CR, 70 for SBM and CS score abovementioned), so a HUGE HUGE THANK YOU to the tutors for the hard work and dedication especially with such a challenging time for the Case Study paper.
Marie T

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access my PDF instantly?

Yes. As soon as payment has been made, you will be given immediate access to your PDF. Full instructions on how to download your content are provided after purchase. 

We provide you with one week in which to download the PDF to your device as a copyright protection method. Once the PDF has been downloaded, you can access and print it without any time restriction.

Can I print the PDF?

Yes. The PDF can be printed in the normal way as we have not set any restrictions in relation to printing. 

Please note that the book is protected by UK copyright law and therefore you may only print the PDF for your own personal use. You may not share any content without our prior written permission.

Is my PDF copy-protected?

To prevent unauthorised circulation of our materials, your PDF will be unobtrusively watermarked with a faded grey watermark inserted underneath the text. 

We have also disabled any copying and pasting from the PDF, for obvious reasons. 

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Isn't 586 pages a lot of content? I thought the book was supposed to condense the content?

Please note that the book includes notes on all Advanced Level financial reporting, business strategy, financial management and assurance topics, as well as notes on all relevant topics from the Professional Level. The original ICAEW Workbook content relating to all of these areas totals several thousand pages!

Given the amount of content that can potentially be tested, there is unfortunately no way around including a significant number of pages, but all our notes are significantly condensed compared to the equivalent ICAEW Workbooks at the Advanced Level and Professional Level. 

We would prefer to be thorough and cover all the potential areas that could be tested than to try to condense things any further or focus only on "favourite" topics as we feel this is dangerous at the Advanced Level. 

Although you will need to put some time into reading through and familiarising yourself with our notes, this will be time well spent as you will revise all key Advanced Level and Professional Level content in a single book that can also be referenced on exam day much more quickly than the equivalent ICAEW resources for multiple Advanced Level and Professional Level topics.

I don't have a printer at home. What do you recommend?

You may wish to use your employer's printer (subject to obtaining permission for this from your employer) to print the PDF. As the printing will be for your own personal use, this is permissible under our licensing rules. Please ensure that the PDF is securely deleted from your employer's systems after printing. 

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After many requests from students, we have now returned to full hardcopy provision of the book (via Amazon) so you may wish to purchase the hardcopy instead of the PDF edition. Please note that purchasing the PDF does NOT entitle you to receive a copy of the hardcopy book as we do not have the administrative resources or time to send these out. You will need to choose between purchasing either the PDF or purchasing the hardcopy book on Amazon. 

What should I do if I have any questions prior to purchase?

Just drop us a line and we will be happy to assist further.

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