Case Study Exam Room Pack

Condensed and reorganised student-friendly version of the Advance Information

Case Study Exam Room Pack
(November 2022 edition)

Looking for a way to understand the key information and themes in the ICAEW Case Study Advance Information?

Prefer to focus on the content that matters in a student-friendly format which can be used both before and during the exam?

We have published our popular Case Study Exam Room Pack at every sitting since 2012, meaning that we use our expert understanding and ability to "mind-read" the Case Study examiners to help you secure your pass.

All purchasers of our Exam Room Pack will also gain access to our original set of quick-fire questions to help you learn the Advance Information in a full interactive way.

Our November 2022 Exam Room Pack is due for release by 23.59 UK time on Wednesday 2 November (earlier if possible). The resource is currently in pre-order mode. 

For further free tips and tricks for Case Study, check out The Profit Room, our free ACA student community.

What's included?

  • Condensed version of the Advance Information
  • Irrelevant content removed
  • Key content emphasised
  • Thematic pages to group together key points
  • Alphabetical organisation of all content
  • Quick-fire questions to help learn the business inside-out

Thematic pages

The Case Study examiners are quite open about the fact that they deliberately scatter points on particular themes across the different pages of the Advance Information - this is done to reward candidates who actually take the time to read the Advance Information properly. 

Using our experience of teaching Case Study over the last 21 sittings, we will help you spot the themes by placing all points on a particular topic on the same, alphabetically organised page for easy reference.

Further question content

To help you learn the Advance Information inside-out (the examiners always say that a good candidate must "live and breathe the business"), we will create a set of over 500 quick-fire questions.

Each quick-fire question can be completed in a matter of seconds, providing you with a more active way of learning the content than the usual process of constantly reading and re-reading the same old ICAEW document. 

Resource contents

Students love us

I passed Case Study. Thanks for your support. Your Exam Room Pack was really helpful. My techniques were much improved after studying Cracking Case.
Sajjad C
I found the Exam Room Pack very useful. In fact, once I’d read through it and could navigate it fairly proficiently, I didn’t really use anything else in the actual Case Study exam! The Mocks were invaluable too as the scenarios which came up in the real exam appeared in the Mocks in some way, shape or form. Thanks again.
Scott F
I have got complete faith in the Case Study ERP, so I will purchase it! Thanks a lot, I couldn't have done it without your BPT Notes! I don't have a very good tutor so I was extremely stressed about the Case Study exam, but since the delivery of your Cracking Case book, I am very happy with it and will try practising the technique in the book. Thanks a lot for all your help :)
Nikita N

Students love us

I used your Exam Room Pack for the Case Study exam, which I must say was a time saver and to the point. Your hard work is really clear to see. Thanks once again.
Amit G
I received my Case Study results today and achieved a pass mark of 74 which is higher than I ever imagined!! I didn't even think I would be able to pass let alone anything else. The skills and techniques you taught were invaluable. The Mock Exam Pack was incredibly useful to get plenty of practice in before the main exam and the ERP was a very helpful summary of the Advance Information which saved me so much time in the exam. This was my first time sitting Case and I am so glad I chose to invest in the materials that you provide.
Sita S
Thank you for all your help. The Mock Exam Pack and the Exam Room Pack are both very useful and have really helped me prepare for the exam.
Bina R

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access the content instantly?

Yes. As soon as payment has been made, you will be given immediate access to your content, which can be accessed through to exam day.

Please see our next FAQ for further information on our release schedule.

What is the release schedule of the Exam Room Pack?

We are aiming to upload our "quick-fire" familiarisation questions by mid-October at the latest so that you can make a start on your use of this resource.

The Exam Room Pack PDF itself is due for release by 23.59 UK time on Wednesday 2 November 2022. 

2 November seems a little late for an exam on 9 November? What gives?

Firstly, the date of 2 November 2022 is our estimate of the latest date on which we will release the Exam Room Pack. Where possible, we will release the content earlier.

We do understand the reasoning behind this question and in an ideal world, we would also like to get this task done earlier in the examination cycle.

However, the weeks before the Case Study examination are an extremely busy time for our team, with 5 Mocks to produce for our Mock Exam Pack and various tuition sessions to be delivered. We therefore do not want to rush the production and checking of the Exam Room Pack, particularly as students will be relying on this resource as a source of information in the exam itself. 

We would also like some time to work with students on our Live Online Course to assess what students need to see in the Exam Room Pack before finalising the thematic pages and formatting of the document. 

So there are various practical and tuition reasons why we release the resource relatively close to exam day.

Remember that everything contained in the Exam Room Pack will be stated in the ICAEW Advance Information (which will be available from 27 September 2022) so we believe that a week should be enough time to familiarise yourself with our document, which is simply a reorganisation of information and facts already available to students from the end of September. 

Is the Exam Room Pack PDF copy-protected?

To prevent unauthorised circulation of our materials, your PDF will be unobtrusively watermarked with a faded grey watermark inserted underneath the text. 

We have also disabled any copying and pasting from the PDF, for obvious reasons. 

If you have any questions on these aspects prior to purchase, please send us a WhatsApp message to +44 7483 951435, email us at or sign up for a free account and set up a message to @Tutor Team within our learning platform. 

What is the difference between the Mock Exam Pack and the Exam Room Pack?

The Exam Room Pack (the resource advertised in this page) is a condensed and reorganised summary of the ICAEW Advance Information which is intended to be easier for students to use (both before and during the examination). The Exam Room Pack is therefore a notes-based resource rather than something which provides practice questions.

The Mock Exam Pack provides 5 full practice Mocks based on the live Advance Information. The Mock Exam Pack is therefore a question-based, practice resource rather than a set of notes. 

Please click here for further information on the Mock Exam Pack, which will be released on a gradual basis starting in early October 2022. 

What should I do if I have any questions prior to purchase?

Just drop us a line and we will be happy to assist further.

You can send us a WhatsApp message to +44 7483 951435, email us at or sign up for a free account and set up a message to @Tutor Team within our learning platform. 

If you do use email, please keep an eye out for our reply in your Junk Mail folder!