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Over 300 pages of student-focused tips and tricks on all aspects of Case Study technique. Used by multiple ICAEW prize-winners and thousands of retake students. 

Cracking Case 2022

Looking to understand the correct planning technique for this unusual examination?

Want to know what to say (and what not to say) to pick up the marks?

The latest 2022 edition of our Cracking Case book provides full coverage of our ICAEW prize-winning examination technique which has been successfully used by thousands of students since publication of the first edition of Cracking Case in 2013.

The 2022 edition has been fully updated for the key learning points from the 2021 past papers and the 2022 ICAEW Tutor Conference.

For further free tips and tricks for Case Study, check out The Profit Room, our free ACA student community.

What's included?

  • Downloadable, printable PDF
  • Planning & Reminder Sheets
  • Advice on writing style
  • Analysis of past paper markschemes
  • Explanation of the unique nature of the Case Study marking approach
  • Advice specific to R1, R2, R3 and the Executive Summary

Fully updated for 2022

We have listened carefully at the Case Study Workshop at the 2022 ICAEW Tutor Conference and have also reviewed the 2021 past papers to ensure that the text is fully up-to-date for 2022.

Additional online resources

We have created hundreds of quick-fire, short-form questions based on the text to ensure that you have absorbed all the key learning points. These questions are available within the "Enhanced Edition" of the book, at an additional cost of £15.

Students love us

I just wanted to let you guys know that I passed Case Study!! There is a chapter in the Cracking Case book that advises students what to do in case they screw up their timing (like a Plan B). I employed Plan B in Requirement 3 because I did screw up my timing, and it saved my life, so thank you so very much. I have used almost all of your resources for SBM, CR and Case Study. I will be more than happy to recommend your services to the students here in Saudi Arabia and on social media.
Muhammad S
I want to say a big thank you because your Cracking Case book in conjunction with your Mock Exam Pack, has helped me pass Case Study with 58 and get qualified. I passed all other 14 exams in 2 years and I have wasted 4 years of studying Case with other providers, but your book told me exactly what to do, what to write and where to stop writing which is very important in Case. I highly recommend your approach and appreciate your hard work.
Spyros D
Thank you so much!! :) I really like the Cracking Case book so far, it has helped me so much more than my tuition provider! I had no doubt about it as your notes helped me get 83% in BPT in 2019!
Nikita N

Students love us

I bought your Cracking Case book and your Mock Exam Pack and they were worth every penny. I passed Case Study first time around. They gave me lots of tips about the best way to tackle the Case Study and what examiners wanted me to produce on the day. I would definitely not have passed the Case Study with just the notes and training I received from my previous tuition provider. I would recommend your books and Mock Exam Pack to anyone. Thank you for all your help. Much appreciated.
Gary C
My son passed his Case Study exam and it went really well. He qualified on Friday, so very proud! He said without a doubt, that the Cracking Case book and Mock Exam Pack got him through. We only found out about you near to the exam day, but he only read your book and studied the Mock Exams. Thank you so much, I wish everyone knew about you!
Suzanne T
I have passed Case Study at the first attempt only because of your company. Coming from academia, I had tremendous trouble accepting what the other tuition providers were doing or how they attempted to provide tuition. The combination of the Cracking Case book and the Mock Exam Pack can yield results if the student is willing to spend the required preparation time.
George S

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Do you provide any further resources for the book?

We have created a set of over 500 quick-fire questions covering all chapters of the book as well as further tips and tricks videos which are available in the Enhanced Edition of the book at a further cost of £15. We will make the link required to purchase the Enhanced Edition available soon.

Just to be clear: these additional resources are entirely optional so you do not have to purchase them to make full use of the PDF book. However, we know that many students are keen to obtain access to further online practice resources which make the most of online provision, so please do consider upgrading to the Enhanced Edition if you wish. 

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