On-demand video course combined with detailed, personalised feedback on your Mock attempts

All Mock work and feedback is based on the live July 2024 Case Study business.

No time wasted sitting irrelevant past papers!

Due to the amount of tutor time required to review each student's Mocks, places for this course are STRICTLY LIMITED so book now to avoid disappointment!

Case Study Masterclass On-Demand (July 2024)

Fed up of wasting time learning irrelevant past paper sets of Advance Information just to sit an single irrelevant past paper for each practice attempt?

Take our unique course which focuses exclusively on the live July 2024 Case Study business, using our popular pack of 5 original Mocks!

Since starting our Case Study tuition in 2013, we have helped over 2,000 students pass through our unique course, with a pass rate of over 98% (including a global prize winner who scored 92% and 6 regional prize winners)!

Course outline

Our course is a combination of on-demand video sessions and detailed personalised feedback on your homework Mock attempts (meaning 2-3 pages of proper feedback per attempt ... much more than other tuition providers will offer).

You will sit and receive detailed written feedback on 4 Mocks to help you with exam technique. Further on-demand and PDF content is also supplied. 

Session 1: Technique:
We pass on our tips and tricks from the ICAEW past papers so that you don't need to sit them. We explain how to focus on points that are likely to score and explain our unique Planning & Reminder Sheets. 

Session 2: Advance Information review: 
We review the July 2024 Advance Information inside-out so you are ready to attempt our Mock Exam Pack armed with both excellent exam technique (from Session 1) and an understanding of the July 2024 Case Study business. 

In the remaining sessions of the course, we review how we constructed our Mock question paper and model answers, to help you "think like an examiner" and ensure that you are only making points that are likely to score ... this is killer information, given that Case Study uses a unique "closed form" marking approach in which only points on the markscheme can be given credit. 

While the course is running, we will provide detailed personalised feedback on 4 of your attempts at the Mocks in our 5 Mock Pack, meaning 2-3 pages of feedback per attempt. This unique aspect of our course as your secret weapon.

For further free tips and tricks for Case Study, check out The Profit Room, our free ACA student community.

What's included?

  • July 2024 focus
  • Recorded video sessions
  • 5 Mock Exam Pack
  • Detailed feedback on 4 Mock attempts
  • Planning & Reminder Sheets
  • Exclusive PDF notes
  • Quick-fire questions on the Advance Information

Advance Information Debrief

In our popular Advance Information session, we review every page of the Advance Information on a line-by-line basis, using our expertise to highlight the most examinable points.

This will equip you with the knowledge needed to tackle our pack of 5 Mocks based on the live July 2024 Advance Information (4 of which will be reviewed as part of the course fee)

Up-to-date methods

Our learning platform is very flexible, allowing us to share live videos, PDFs and quick-fire questions easily. 

We have carefully designed the course to maximise the use of all these different techniques to provide plenty of different learning options. 

Students have consistently stated that our learning platform was much easier to use than competitor platforms. 

Students love us

Thank you SO MUCH for all your help and support. This course has been the best investment I have ever made. I was able to complete my exam paper on time despite struggling to achieve this for the past three sittings. Thank you for all the hard work and effort to provide us with the incredible materials and mocks!
Anna S
Thank you for all the tuition you gave me bringing me up from a 38%, all the way up to a 71% passing grade today!
Ed C
Jess and I wanted to say a huge thank you for your expert tuition for the Case Study exam - some of the best tutoring we have ever had (not just saying that because we passed!). The course we thought was fantastic and we will be recommending you to our friends and colleagues in the years beneath us. Thanks again.
Jack W

Students love us

Thank you very much for providing the sessions for helping out on the Case Study examination. For me this was a retake attempt and I believe the sessions really pinpoint all the key areas in order to pass the exam. The tips and tricks really make the exam seem a lot more manageable in the time pressured environment. I cannot stress how hard the tutors worked to come up with all the materials for the Case preparation. Once again, a big thanks.
Shuopeng C
I passed my Case Study exam and my score has increased significantly by 22 points (up 50%) due to your excellent tuition. 66% was a huge improvement from my score of 44% last time. Thank you for producing a stellar course and the helpful tuition which was actually aimed at getting students to pass rather than the lazy approach of some of your competitors: it was worth every penny! I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who has failed! Please also pass my gratitude on to the excellent tutor. Thank you again.
Arvin F
I passed! 64%! Thank you so much for all your help - nothing was too unexpected and the Planning Sheets were a Godsend!!
Sophie N

Students love us

Thank you very much for all your help with my Case Study exam, very much appreciated. I went from 44 with [XXXXXX] to 66 with you guys, a comfortable pass. [tutor name] was a big help. Thanks again, happy to be done!
Dhiren D
Against all odds, I passed my Case Study exam! Thanks so much for all your help and guidance - couldn't have done it without you! Will make sure to recommend you to other trainees sitting the pesky Case Study exam.
Dominique H
I wanted to thank the tutor for all the invaluable advice and the excellent preparation. I have used other tuition providers in the past but the added value and personal approach that you provide cannot be compared to that of any other provider. Hence, I warmly recommend your course.
Yordanka C

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access my course content instantly?

Yes. As soon as payment has been made, you will be given immediate access to the course and any pre-recorded content and PDFs that have been made available at the time of your purchase. 

Just to note that as our content is tailored to the July 2024 Case Study business, we will be drip-feeding the content into the platform as we create it. Therefore, if you sign up in April 2024, for example, we won't have a huge amount of content to complete (just the pre-course work, basically) ... but plenty of content will be added once the live Advance Information has been released, don't worry! 

The July 2024 Advance Information is released by ICAEW on 28 May 2024 so most of our content will follow as soon as possible after that. 

How do I know your Mock Exam Pack is ICAEW standard?

With 11 years of experience in writing Case Study Mock Exam Packs, we know the ICAEW past paper markschemes inside-out so we know the types of point to include, and how the examiners tend to think.

This allows us to create content which connects to the live July 2024 Advance Information while still testing the "classic" Case Study themes and points derived from the past papers. 

We actually write the Mock Exam Pack to be slightly harder than the past papers (longer and more complex question papers, slightly stricter markschemes) so that our students are trained to above ICAEW standard. This means that they feel comfortable and confident on exam day. 

We understand the concern that our Mock Exam Pack is not written by ICAEW staff but that is the same for all tuition providers as the current ICAEW examiners are not allowed to tutor Case Study and ICAEW does not provide any live Mocks. 

Hopefully our pass rate of over 98% since 2013, together with 7 Case Study prize winners (both global and regional), should provide assurance that we know what we are doing!

If you would like to download a free sample of our Mock Exam Pack, please check out the Samples section of The Profit Room, our free ACA student community.

Can I print your PDFs?

Yes. Our PDFs can be printed in the normal way as we have not set any restrictions in relation to printing. 

To prevent unauthorised circulation of our materials, your PDFs will be unobtrusively watermarked with a faded grey watermark inserted underneath the text.
We have also disabled any copying and pasting from the PDFs, for obvious reasons. 

Please note that our learning content is protected by UK copyright law and therefore you may only print our PDFs for your own personal use. You may not share any content without our prior written permission.

When do I need to submit my Mocks?

It is super, super important to take the time to complete and submit your 4 homework Mocks based on the July 2024 Case Study business. This will allow us to provide detailed, personalised advice, which is really important for Case Study because of the way the exam is marked (i.e. there is no discretion for the marker).

Here is the homework schedule. All times are UK times. 

Mock 1
- submit by 23.59 on Sunday 9 June

Mock 2
- submit by 23.59 on Sunday 16 June

Mock 3
- submit by 23.59 on Sunday 23 June

Mock 4
- submit by 23.59 on Sunday 30 June

We will always return your feedback well before the next submission is due so that you can take our feedback points into account in your next attempt. We normally return our feedback within 48 hours and often quicker than this. 

Please note that Mock 5 is not submitted as part of the course structure but you will receive access to this Mock and a detailed on-demand video debrief as part of the course resources. 

Sounds good. Do you have any further information about the course?

Hopefully the above information is clear about what the course involves.

However, if you want further information and/or you need to provide your employer with more details, please email us at hello@paradigmshift.training.

In light of the amount of tutor time required to review your Mocks, places are strictly limited so please get in touch soon to book your place!

What should I do if I have any questions prior to purchase?

Just drop us a line and we will be happy to assist further.

You can send us a WhatsApp message to +44 7418 610626, email us at hello@paradigmshift.training or sign up for a free account and set up a message to @Tutor Team within our learning platform. 

If you do use email, please keep an eye out for our reply in your Junk Mail folder!