Our Top 5 Tips for BST

Mar 3
Navigating BST question papers with the huge amount of new info to absorb can be like trying to find your way through a dense jungle with just a compass; you know you need to head north, but how to avoid the pitfalls along the way?

Here are our top five survival tips to help you hack through the underbrush and emerge victorious!

Start Strong with the Narrative
Getting the marks in the calculations elements is actually quite tricky. Diving into the narrative parts first not only sets a solid foundation but ensures you're picking up as many marks as possible right from the get-go. Remember, a strong narrative is like a sturdy machete; it can make the path ahead much easier to progress along.

Equal Balance in the Force
Just like balancing on a log bridge over a crocodile-infested river, ensure you keep a balanced approach to benefits and risks in your answers. Tipping too far one way could lead to a snap in your score. Aim for equilibrium; your marks will thank you for it.

The numbers are a trap
While diving into calculations might seem tempting (especially for an accountant in training), remember, numbers are the quicksand of the BST exam. You can quickly get sucked in, wasting precious time. Focus on narrative responses; they’re your vine to swing across to the other side, where more marks lie in wait.

Practice Makes Perfect
Just as you wouldn't enter the jungle without fully preparing, don't tackle BST without ample question practice. This is your training ground, where speed, familiarity, and the ability to generate a multitude of points become your best allies.

Conclusion … don’t forget to include it (and then add a twist too)
Most of the students we work with completely forget to add a Conclusions heading and a few sensible narrative points. This means they are throwing away easy marks. So always include this content. 

Remember, BST is all about the narrative so make sure you avoid the quicksand of the calculations and you should be fine!