FAR and triple effect

Mar 5
Here's a golden nugget of wisdom that could turn your exam blues into a victory dance: embrace the "principle of triple effect". It's like the superhero team-up of the accounting world!
This mighty principle reminds us that every financial twist and turn affects not just one, but three musketeers: the Statement of Profit or Loss (PorL), the Statement of Financial Position (SFP), and the Statement of Cash Flows (SCF). Think of it as the accounting version of "one for all, and all for one!"

Getting into the groove means considering how each decision rocks the boat across PorL, SFP, and SCF. 

No cash impact? Write that down. It's like noting down that even though nothing's happening right now, you've still got your eyes open.

An increase in profit doesn't just do a happy dance in your PorL; it waltzes through your SFP, tweaking your retained earnings and shaking up your ratios. Obvious? Maybe. Worth mentioning? Absolutely.

By harnessing the power of the triple effect, you're not just answering questions; you're unlocking a treasure chest of marks. It's like finding a secret level in a game that triples your score!

Remember, while PorL and SFP take center stage, don't leave SCF out in the cold, especially when cash flows or financial instruments are the talk of the town. 

Dive into Financial Reporting with the triple effect as your strategy, and you might just find yourself dancing to the tune of success. After all, who says accounting can't have a little excitement? (We do, actually.)