Cracking Case: Our Top Tips for Case Study

Mar 7
Keep things simple

In the Case Study exam, simplicity reigns supreme. Forget showcasing your flair for deep or innovative thinking - this isn't the platform for it. You only get marks for what is on the finalised ICAEW markscheme, which is based on sensible, average points, not innovation.

Stick to the proven points and strategies we cover in our course and material, rather than trying to dazzle the marker with brilliance they might not appreciate.
Manage your time

The golden rule for not failing is simple: don't botch your time management. Despite changes in the exam format in 2023 (which mean that you can no pass even if part of the exam is very poor), it remains critical to allocate your time wisely across all exam elements. A balanced attempt across the board often outweighs excelling in just a few areas.

Write to the markscheme

Real-world reporting skills won't necessarily earn you a pass here. The Case Study exam's markscheme is king, and your writing should serve it loyally. Adapt your writing style to what the exam demands, rather than sticking to your professional or academic habits.

Adopt a succinct style

When it comes to making your points, think of them as brief, sharp shots rather than elaborate essays. With the markscheme as your target, scatter as many brief points as possible like buying multiple lottery tickets - the more you have, the better your chances.

Master our Planning & Reminder Sheets

Knowing our Planning & Reminder Sheets by heart is your secret weapon. These are designed to keep you laser-focused on scoring marks without wasting time on planning. Practice with our mock exams will make this second nature, streamlining your approach to each section of the report.
Following these strategies won't just prepare you for the Case Study exam; they'll arm you with a tactical advantage.

Dive into the exam with these tips as your guide, and the daunting becomes doable. Remember, in the world of Case Study, it's not about how much you can impress but how quickly you can express.