BPT New Syllabus Content - what was tested in 2023?

Mar 26
As we explain in our BPT Masterclass on-demand course, we believe that the BPT examiners are definitely "creatures of habit" who tend to stick to the same areas again and again.

We have summarised these in the Skeleton Notes videos in our course because these are the key areas that will always get you though. 

But sometimes new syllabus content is tested, so in this post we take a look at the 2023 past papers. 
March 2023
This paper did not seem to test any new content.

June 2023

Again, this paper did not seem to test any new content. 

September 2023

Again, no new content!

December 2023

Couldn't see any new syllabus content tested. 

So, overall, hopefully you understand the point we made above about the "creatures of habit"!

In fairness, the 2023 edition of the Workbook did not make many syllabus changes as compared to 2022. Even so, it appears that no use was made of the changes.