Blitzing BPT Ethics - Part 2

Mar 6
Remember the Fab Five of ethics threats—self-interest, intimidation, self-review, advocacy, and management.

It's like being at a buffet; you need at least two to make a meal out of your answer. And why not dine out and find more tasty threats if you can?

Pick wisely based on the scenario, and don't leave anyone feeling left out.
Discuss matters with the client without giving the game away, confirm all the facts, and document everything. 

Safeguards are your secret weapons. Imagine them as cloaks of invisibility or shields; use them to protect yourself and the client from ethical blasts.

And when in doubt, signal the Ethics partner or another senior partner like you're lighting the Bat-Signal.

Know your role. Are you the insider working within a company or the external sage at a tax advisory firm? Your approach to solving the ethical puzzle changes with your position. And the way your write things up has to respect that: you can't refer a matter to an Ethics Partner in a company which doesn't have any partners!

Beware of the dreaded "boilerplate" curse. Tailor your answers to fit the unique landscape of the scenario you're facing. 

Strap in, use these strategies, and you're ready to conquer the ethics section ... and the only topic that we can 100% guarantee will be on your paper!