Blitzing BPT Ethics - Part 1

Mar 6
Headings are your new best friends.

Think of them as breadcrumbs leading the marker through the forest of your ideas. 

By separating your points into categories like "Confidentiality" or "Money laundering," you're not just making their life easier; you're ramming home to the examiner how broad your range of ideas is. 
Ditch the cookie-cutter answers copied from notes. Your exam is not a baking show, and generic responses are the stale cookies nobody wants. Dive into the scenario data like it's a treasure chest, and tailor your answers to the unique jewels you find inside.

Don't get tunnel vision on a single issue, especially not MLTF (Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing). BPT exams are like a buffet with more than one delicious dish to choose from. If you spot only one issue, you're definitely missing out on the full meal.

Embrace complexity and avoid the drama. Not every ethical dilemma demands you storm out in a blaze of glory. Before you pen your resignation, consider if there's a diplomatic way to untangle the knot. 

Remember, ethics in BPT isn't about taking a simplistic yes/no, right/wrong approach. It is all about nuance.

So, gear up, use these strategies, and you're well on your way to becoming an ethics ninja in the BPT dojo!