The 3 best ways to fail Case Study

Apr 7
So, here's a question we frequently get about Case Study ... what are the 3 best ways in which to fail Case Study?

Actually, we don't get that question very often, but based on what we see time and again, it is as if students have been asked their tuition providers this very question.

So here's our answer!
First way to fail - too much time on R1

Although the marking approach changed in 2023, meaning that some students now take an approach of trying to smash R1 (the easiest part of the exam) in an attempt to get as many marks as they can, we would recommend against this approach because you cannot pass on R1 alone. We find that some students who try this method end up with very weak R2 or R3s (and sometimes both!).

Second way to fail - too much time on R2 and R3 calculations

Unlike the R1 calculations which are always as expected (reviewing the P&L, basically), the R2 and R3 calculations require thinking on your feet (albeit with a bit of guidance from the Advance Information).

We are aware that many students are told that the results to these calculations "frame" the rest of the response to R2 and R3, but this isn't really the case. The vast majority of the marks have nothing to do with the model results.

For example, we don't need to know the results to the models to find the Ethics issues or identify operational challenges. 

So, always be careful to avoid excessive emphasis on the R2 and R3 calcs ... this may sound odd for an accounting exam, but it is the truth!

Third way to fail - poor Conclusions

The marks for the Conclusions sections to R1, R2 and R3 should be some of the easiest marks to pick up. The examiners are not looking for anything new or mind-blowing here ... they just want to see a succinct summary of the section you have just written.

Even so, we see some very strange and wacky stuff on certain exam scripts. 

This will not only damage your score in each Requirement ... the Conclusions sections needs to be the basis of the Executive Summary, so you will likely be compromising your ES if you don't get this right.