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We are pleased to announce the release of Martin's book, "The ACA Playbook: Streamline Studies, Alleviate Stress, Master Your Exams".

Drawing on more than 10 years of experience and his 12 prize winners, "The ACA Playbook" provides advice on developing a success mindset, revising efficiently, time management, nutrition and much more!

Looking for the easiest way to pass your ACA exams?

Want to study with a tutor who has taught 12 ICAEW prize winners?

Over 98% on-demand course pass rate in 2023 acceptable?

You have found the right place!

Sceptical? Check out our Wall of Proof.

In 2023, our on-demand courses achieved an average pass rate of over 98%.

So why not join us and just get things done with the minimum of fuss?

Our practical, exam-focused content will help you maximise the returns on your scarce study time and help you get your life back!

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What we do

We provide students with practical, exam-focused materials to unlock their potential.

Unique learning approaches

Since gaining ICAEW Partner in Learning status in 2013, we have gained a reputation for innovative methods that really work, and our pass rates prove it ... our video courses regularly achieve pass rates exceeding 95%, even at the Advanced Level!

"Zoning out" free zone

Our engaging, no-nonsense video content will keep you focused on how to succeed. We regularly mix questions into our videos to ensure that you have something to engage with. Actively testing yourself really is the best way to learn.

Benefits of our training approach


We know that you are short of time so we concentrate on what matters to get through. This means that we engage with the application of technical content at all times ... no more dry "Death by PowerPoint"-style learning!


All our courses and materials are written by tutors with extensive experience in extracting as many marks as possible in any given scenario. We pass on this knowledge to you, so that you can manage your scarce time before and during the examination. 

Pass Guarantee

We offer a full money-back Pass Guarantee on our on-demand video courses. Provided that you purchase the course at least 3 weeks before exam day and complete all course content at least once, we will refund your fee in the unlikely event that you don't make it through. So you can try our innovative approach with no risk.

Latest bundle offers!

Our Courses and Materials

Meet our Founder

Martin Johnson

Hi, I'm Martin. Nice to meet you.

I set up Paradigm Shift after being very underwhelmed by the tuition approach of the usual suspects. Having been a teacher for several years before starting my ACA training, I saw quite a few things that could be done better. 

10 years and over 20,000 students later, I think we have been proven right and we are very proud to continue to offer an alternative and more practical approach to the ACA exams. Check out the testimonials in our Wall of Proof if you are sceptical (which you should be as there are always marks for professional scepticism in the ACA exams!). 

I have now taught 12 ICAEW prize winners, including Kieran Doe who went on to found ACA Masters (and who I trained as a Case Study tutor) but while prize winners are nice to have, I actually take more pride from an overall pass rate of over 95% since we started our tuition company. This includes working with numerous students on their final attempt at the Professional Level exams. 

I am a fully qualified ACA (qualifying in 2012). 

In addition to running Paradigm Shift, I have set up Key Worker Nation as I feel very strongly that Key Workers should be given a proper thank you (as opposed to some clapping) for keeping us all alive during the pandemic.

Key Worker Nation provides support to UK Key Workers and I am proud to donate 30% of the profits from Paradigm Shift to this cause. So when you study with us, it is a real win-win for all concerned (apart from our competitors). 

If you need any further information, please contact me on LinkedIn using the link below, cheers!
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Recognised as an ICAEW Partner in Learning, working with ICAEW in the professional development of students.

ICAEW Partner in Learning since 2013

We are very proud to have been a fully accredited ICAEW Partner in Learning training provider since 2013 (under our ACA Simplified brand name from 2013 to 2020 and under Paradigm Shift since 2021)